Town of Secrets

“Can she prove her innocence when her past is shrouded in secrets?”

Sixteen-year-old, Charlotte Townsend left her small town under a cloud of suspicion…

Thirteen years later she returns, determined to prove her innocence in her mother’s gruesome murder and clear to her name. The town rebels against her and only her small group of friends believe her, including the man she abandoned to think the worse, current police chief, Drew MacLeod.

Drew has spent the last decade searching for Charlotte. He never gave up hope of one day seeing her again. Years ago, he’d been the one to introduce Charlotte to the world she was missing out on under her mother’s firm thumb. Upon her return, he discovers she’s been holding out on him.

Someone in town will stop at nothing to keep Charlotte there…

Charlotte is desperate for Drew’s forgiveness. He is the only man she’ll ever love and the thought of him hating her forever scares her more than anything. When those who outwardly oppose her return begin to meet with unfortunate accidents, will Drew continue to believe in her innocence?

In small towns, everyone knows your business, in Heavenly everything is a secret.

As Charlotte begins to investigate the past, she learns some shocking truths about her heritage that put her and everyone she cares about in danger.

Drew and Charlotte must unravel the age-old mystery before the town can push her out or the real killer finds a way to get to Charlotte…

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“I’ve been in love with you since the day we met. All these years haven’t changed that. I’ve been waiting for you.”

– Drew MacLeod, Town of Secrets (Heavenly Series, Book 3)

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