New Release ~ Home Sweet Home

New Release


Home Sweet Home

by Camille Taylor

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Release date: Feb, 8th 2019


“Returning home is his only option.”


Divorced and jobless, returning home is Samuel Murray’s only option. Only home is not how he left it. The family farm is in ruins, struggling beneath a mountain of debt. Sam must step up and take the reins, something he’s dreaded since a child, and his only help is from the woman he’s treated badly in the past.

Evelyn James won’t make the same mistake with her heart again. No matter how much Sam appears to have changed. But the desire burning hot between them is hard to ignore and she’s no longer sure she wants to. Only she’s afraid to give in to him in fear of losing him once the novelty wears off. Can he prove to her he’ll always be by her side or will her lack of trust destroy them before he even has a chance?

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#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ Bella Italia

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor back with more excerpts from Bella Italia, the first of my Heavenly Series. Set in beautiful Italy, this is one of my favourite stories.


She stared into his deep blue eyes, feeling the warmth of them. Her stomach somersaulted. Holding him this close was dangerous. She tried to warn herself but her body refused to listen to the commands her brain was sending out. He watched her intently. What was he thinking? Her heart beat sped up until it was pounding in her chest. The heat from his body liquefied her muscles and his manly scent, so intoxicating to her filled her lungs.

Pressed up against him, she could feel every hard pane of his chest.



Small-town wallflower, Adelaide Montgomery has lived an uneventful life—until she witnesses the murder of her best friend…

Adelaide clings to the simple security of a home and a wish for family—desires that sent her former fiancé into another woman’s arms.

Happy to remain in Heavenly, Australia for the rest of her life, she reluctantly gives in to her best friend, Rachel’s pleading to join her on a trip to Italy. A decision which will alter her life forever.

Gorgeous men can be deadly killers in disguise…

When her best friend returns to their hotel suite with two male companions the night doesn’t go as planned and Rachel is murdered in cold blood.

Able to identify the killer, Adelaide finds herself a target, barely escaping with her life.

In order to protect his witness, Rome Inspector Antonio Cardellini hides Adelaide at his family’s winery. Though Antonio is a professional and Adelaide is under his charge, his feelings quickly surpass the limits of his job. Knowing one day she will return home, he struggles to distance himself, but the trial and his family continue to throw him and Adelaide back together.

Will Antonio put his badge above his heart? Or will he risk it all—his career, Adelaide’s life, and the possibility of a future together—all for a chance at love?

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#Excerpt ~ Town of Secrets #WeWrWa

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor. I write romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. Below is a snippet from one of my small-town (rural/western) romances, Town of Secrets, the third book in my Heavenly Series.


The residue of recent burning wood caught her interest and she headed back into the sunshine, frowning when she saw the charred remains of Muriel’s store that was between the library and public toilets. She crossed the length of the square to stop outside the general store that had been barricaded off. Several men in orange fire-resistant overalls sifted through the debris. She felt the judging eyes of several shoppers on her as if somehow this was all her fault. She turned and caught the eyes of the closest people, daring them to accuse her to her face.

The squeal of children broke through her anger. A playground filled with laughing children of all ages stood before the library, a new addition. Ignoring the crowd, the started back to the other end of the square, to where she’d originally been headed before what was left of Muriel’s store had distracted her.



TOSSixteen-year-old, Charlotte Townsend left her small town under a cloud of suspicion…

Thirteen years later she returns, determined to prove her innocence in her mother’s gruesome murder and clear to her name. The town rebels against her and only her small group of friends believe her, including the man she abandoned to think the worse, current police chief, Drew MacLeod.

Drew has spent the last decade searching for Charlotte. He never gave up hope of one day seeing her again. Years ago, he’d been the one to introduce Charlotte to the world she was missing out on under her mother’s firm thumb. Upon her return, he discovers she’s been holding out on him.

Someone in town will stop at nothing to keep Charlotte there…

Charlotte is desperate for Drew’s forgiveness. He is the only man she’ll ever love and the thought of him hating her forever scares her more than anything. When those who outwardly oppose her return begin to meet with unfortunate accidents, will Drew continue to believe in her innocence?

In small towns, everyone knows your business, in Heavenly everything is a secret.

As Charlotte begins to investigate the past, she learns some shocking truths about her heritage that put her and everyone she cares about in danger.

Drew and Charlotte must unravel the age-old mystery before the town can push her out or the real killer finds a way to get to Charlotte…

Available at:

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#Excerpt ~ Melting Her Heart

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor. I write romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. Below is a snippet from one of my small-town (rural/western) romances, Melting Her Heart, the fourth book in my Heavenly Series.


Her shoes bumped against his boots and she raised her chin to stare into his grey eyes. She sucked in a deep breath at what she saw. Love. Lust. Concern. For her. All for her. She inhaled his scent, completely male and uniquely Deacon. 

He was close. His warmth seeping into her body, melting the tension in her muscles. She held her breath as experimentally she went up on tippy-toes. She ran her hand up the hard grooves of his chest and wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling him down to meet her lips.

The first touch was electrifying and it only spiralled upwards from there, her lips tingling. Deacon stilled as if unsure if he should respond. She kissed him tentatively then grew bolder until both arms were around his neck and she was hanging onto him. He pulled her closer, his hands warm on her back.



Melting Her HeartChloe Madison has remained locked beneath an icy interior for years, determined never to feel anything ever again. When her sister arrives in town, pregnant and single Chloe is forced to help…

Angry and feeling betrayed, Chloe refuses to forgive her sister for abandoning her and hardens her heart against her sister’s attempts at reconciliation even as her life begins to unravel and she is faced with a terrifying future.

Deacon Chandler has loved Chloe since their first meeting. Despite Chloe’s cold shoulder, he refuses to give up, holding onto the belief something wonderful is just around the corner.

The closer he gets, the farther she moves away…

Deacon has no idea how to get through to Chloe. She appears happy with her life as is and he has no part in it. When Chloe continues to turn to close friend and Deacon’s boss, jealousy burns. Has he already lost her before he’d even gotten her?

Someone is out to punish Chloe…

Her integrity is questioned and her carefully guarded image destroyed. Slowly her protective armour begins to crack, and all her demons are brought to light. Her only chance is to trust the people around her and let go of the past that destroyed her.

Will Deacon wait until she realises he is the man for her, or will Chloe finally push him away?

Available at:

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#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ No Law

Welcome to my blog. I’m your host Camille Taylor, writer of romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. This week’s snippet comes from No Law (Dmitry and Carey). These two would be one of my favourite couples.


Wrapping her arms around her body, she tried to drive away the constant cold. There was no worse feeling in the world than being vulnerable. Even in her own home, she was well aware just how unreliable the locks and wood were that were supposed to protect her. If someone wanted in, they would get in. All that stood between them and her was a little time and effort.



At just twenty-four years old, Carey Madigan was made a widow—by the Russian Mafiya…

Years after her husband’s murder, Carey relocated from Russia back to U.S., where she works as an assistant curator for a prestigious museum. Her past seemingly left behind, she no longer looks over her shoulder or jumps at shadows. That is, until her boss is murdered—by the Russian Mafiya.

Carey’s past comes back to haunt her…

When the police discover the nature of her husband’s untimely demise, Carey becomes the prime suspect. But worse, the Mafiya is again pursuing her, and now that she’s seen their faces, they’re out to silence her for good. Frightened, she turns to an old friend—CIA agent Elena Gates.

Dmitry Ivanov is a tech legend in the hacker underworld…

Russian born and raised, Dmitry uses his skills to help the CIA. Filling in for his sister Elena, he is intrigued when Carey walks through the door. When he sees her reluctance, he realizes he has to win her trust before he can help her. And if anyone has a chance of clearing her name, uncovering the motives behind her boss’ murder, and protecting her from the men determined to end her life, it’s him.

Together, Dmitry and Carey uncover a trail that leads them to the discovery of a priceless artifact. Now they must fight to keep it—and themselves—out of harm’s way, and convince the authorities Carey is not a cold-blooded killer.

When the Mafiya is out for blood…No law will keep them safe.

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#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ Forever With Me

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor. I write romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. Below is a snippet from one of my small-town (rural/western) romances, Forever With Me, the second book in my Heavenly Series. Austin would have to be one of my favourite characters to have written. Enjoy!


Movement caught her eye as Austin darted past her and dived into the water, his toned chest bare. Water sluiced over the edge and she got saturated, moving her cast behind her back just in time. He didn’t resurface until he reached the end of the pool and then turned back towards her. Kendall tried to avert her gaze as his strong arms sliced through water but the powerful movements of his body were too compelling to ignore.

She sighed and gave up trying to look elsewhere. The muscles in his back rippled as he cut through the water like an Olympic swimmer. She was so focused on him that she didn’t see him resurface in front of her until it was too late and she was caught blatantly staring.

Austin trod water as he looked up at her. He grinned mischievously.



At eighteen, Kendall Murphy snuck out of her brother’s house for a night of fun. Austin Warren was looking for the same before he shipped out to basic training. It will be a night they’ll never forget…

Ten years later, newly divorced Kendall reluctantly agrees to accompany her ex-husband to his family’s home in Heavenly for Christmas and act as his wife after she learns he never disclosed their separation to his mother.

Austin returns to his family after a decade of serving overseas and is surprised to find Kendall—a woman he thought of often and regretted walking away from—married and as attracted to her as he’d been years ago.

An unknown stalker who’s been on the fringe of Kendall’s life for years follows her…

Kendall must now deal with an overzealous admirer, her doting ex-husband, his wonderful, caring family and the man she’d never stopped loving and was now lying to.

When the stalker escalates, things get dangerous and Kendall’s life is threatened.

Austin struggles to keep his emotional distance, despite the festive activities keeping him and Kendall together. His attraction could destroy his family, not to mention rip his heart to shreds. Despite knowing this, he finds it difficult to walk away.

Will Austin be able to keep Kendall safe? And will he forgive her when her lies are exposed?

Available at:

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#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ American Law

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor. I write romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. I’ve been absent for the past few months for no reason other than I kept missing the deadline to post but I’m back again this week with a snippet from American Law. Happy reading!

She felt Lucas’s presence before she heard him. He wrapped his big hand around her arm and catapulted her into the nearest room which just happened to be his bedroom. Which she was sure had been planned. He pinned her with his eyes not allowing her to break contact. She swallowed nervously at the fierce look on his face, her mouth suddenly dry as the Sahara. He crossed his arms over his broad chest and leaned back against the closed bedroom door.

She was officially trapped.

“We’re going to finish that talk we started in the car,” he told her and the expression on his face told her that it was non-negotiable.



An enemy of the state, Dmitry Ivanov has nowhere to turn…

A gifted hacker no online firewall can keep out, Dmitry has an affinity for anything with a computer chip. On a business trip to the U.S. he unwittingly becomes entangled in a conspiracy that puts both America and himself in grave danger. Now being hunted by the U.S. Government, Dmitry turns to the one man he can trust—CIA Agent Lucas Gates.

Elena Ivanova puts family before love…

Terrified for her brother Dmitry, Elena takes the first flight out of Moscow to the U.S., unsure of what she’ll find. For the past eighteen months she’s struggled to come to terms with Lucas suddenly distancing himself—especially after falling for him during their ‘Russian Incident.’ But after her husband’s death, was investing her heart in another man really the best move to begin with? Men hardly kept promises. It was anyone’s guess if Lucas would be different.

There’s always an exception to the rule…

Lucas can’t turn down Dmitry’s plea for help. Already caught up in Dmitry’s predicament, there’s also the fact he’s Elena’s brother, and Lucas will do anything for her—even if that means putting his career on the line. But when they come face to face, the connection is deeper than ever, and with danger at every turn, the stakes are that much higher.

The race against time is on to discover who is behind the plot to frame Elena’s brother, and why—before Dmitry is arrested and charged with treason.

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