Safe House

“They thought she’d be an easy target. They were wrong.”

Sophie Harris has always been headstrong, a quality that had her leaving town on the back of a motorcycle.

Now she returns to her childhood home, tail tucked between her legs, with a failed marriage behind her and a young son.

This time she plans to make it work. Including the cute cop she’d dissed on their one disastrous date all those years ago.

Sophie has no idea the trouble her ex is in and that it will lead dangerous men to her door. 

When the power goes out, leaving Sophie and her son alone in the dark, she must fight to keep her son safe, no matter the cost.

The house she’d seen as her safe haven, turns into her prison and could very well be her grave. 

Only Sophie’s stubbornness and tenacity keep her alive, as she plays a deadly game of hide and seek…

…Where one wrong move could be her last.

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“There was a light missing from my life. My world cold and dark. That light was you.”

– Cade Watson (Safe House, Harbour Bay Series, Book 11)

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