Paradise Valley

“To catch a murderer, she must confront her fears.”

Constable Hallie Murphy has her whole life planned. She’d come through the worst and can finally see the fruits of her labour.

But when her old friend commits suicide inside the same mental hospital she’d spent her formative years, Hallie can’t overcome her doubts.

She returns to Paradise Valley, the place of her nightmares.

Hallie soon realises she has made a terrible mistake.

Something dark and rotten lurks the halls of Paradise Valley.

Her investigation takes her on a dangerous path. One which could very well lead her to her death. 

The truth will shock and sicken her, a secret someone will kill to keep.

Trapped within the walls, she must trust a stranger with an agenda of his own to make it out alive…


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“I have excellent night vision. Besides I don’t need to see to know what, and who, you are and to me, no matter what, you’ll always be beautiful.”

– Ethan Halliday (Paradise Valley, Harbour Bay Series, Book 8)

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