Melting Her Heart

“He is determined to melt her heart. She is just as determined to resist him.”

Chloe Madison has remained locked beneath an icy interior for years, determined never to feel anything ever again. When her sister arrives in town, pregnant and single Chloe is forced to help…

Angry and feeling betrayed, Chloe refuses to forgive her sister for abandoning her and hardens her heart against her sister’s attempts at reconciliation even as her life begins to unravel and she is faced with a terrifying future.

Deacon Chandler has loved Chloe since their first meeting. Despite Chloe’s cold shoulder, he refuses to give up, holding onto the belief something wonderful is just around the corner.

The closer he gets, the farther she moves away…

Deacon has no idea how to get through to Chloe. She appears happy with her life as is and he has no part in it. When Chloe continues to turn to close friend and Deacon’s boss, jealousy burns. Has he already lost her before he’d even gotten her?

Someone is out to punish Chloe…

Her integrity is questioned and her carefully guarded image destroyed. Slowly her protective armour begins to crack, and all her demons are brought to light. Her only chance is to trust the people around her and let go of the past that destroyed her.

Will Deacon wait until she realises he is the man for her, or will Chloe finally push him away?


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“Touch me, Deacon. I want to feel your hands on my body.”

– Chloe Madison, Melting Her Heart (Heavenly Book 4)

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