#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ Bella Italia

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor. An Aussie bookaholic who loves to write as much as read. This week I’m taking you on a trip to Italy with Antonio and Adelaide in Bella Italia. Beautiful azure skies, succulent grapes, and delectable Italians. What more could a girl want?


Her pulse raced, visible to the eye. She wet her lips. His fingers tightened, the supple feel of her hips beneath his palms a surprise.

When did they get there? He had no memory of moving them. Adelaide’s eyes changed in reply, darkening. She trembled and sucked in a breath. His temperature spiked as once again her gaze flicked to his lips. Heat rose.



Small-town wallflower, Adelaide Montgomery has lived an uneventful life—until she witnesses the murder of her best friend…

Adelaide clings to the simple security of a home and a wish for family—desires that sent her former fiancé into another woman’s arms.

Happy to remain in Heavenly, Australia for the rest of her life, she reluctantly gives in to her best friend, Rachel’s pleading to join her on a trip to Italy. A decision which will alter her life forever.

Gorgeous men can be deadly killers in disguise…

When her best friend returns to their hotel suite with two male companions the night doesn’t go as planned and Rachel is murdered in cold blood.

Able to identify the killer, Adelaide finds herself a target, barely escaping with her life.

In order to protect his witness, Rome Inspector Antonio Cardellini hides Adelaide at his family’s winery. Though Antonio is a professional and Adelaide is under his charge, his feelings quickly surpass the limits of his job. Knowing one day she will return home, he struggles to distance himself, but the trial and his family continue to throw him and Adelaide back together.

Will Antonio put his badge above his heart? Or will he risk it all—his career, Adelaide’s life, and the possibility of a future together—all for a chance at love?

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Thanks for reading, hope to see you again next week. Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog hop, read more fabulous excerpts by clicking the below button!



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