#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ Russian Law

Welcome to my blog. I’m Camille Taylor. I write romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. This week I’d like to introduce you to Lucas and Elena from Russian Law, the first of the Law Series. Happy reading!


The tears she had gallantly fought back now trickled down her cheeks. Her ungloved fingers scrunched up his coat as she tightened her fist around the fabric on his sleeve. Her other hand rested on his solid chest.

Sobs racked her body, but barely any sound came out her mouth which was currently pressed hard against his shoulder. His hands rubbed up and down her back in unconscious movement as a way to give her comfort and she was thankful for such kindness. Despite how weak it made her appear.

He pulled her closer, almost as if he planned to never let her go and she was more than happy to go along with him wherever he went. She pulled strength from him and instantly felt better, more in control.



Six months after a Russian Intelligence agent is murdered, Lucas Gates is sent to Moscow in pursuit of a terrorist.

A former cop and now a CIA agent, Lucas isn’t known for playing well with others. He uses any means necessary and avoids relationships he can’t simply walk away from—until he meets Russian liaison officer Elena Ivanova, the widow of the murdered agent.

Elena follows the rules, so she accepts her role as Lucas’s liaison—a job nobody else wanted.

Finally reinstated after a suspension related to her husband’s death, Elena realizes Lucas might be just the one to help her uncover what really happened. She is surprised by her unexpected attraction to the handsome American when she is still grieving her husband, but she’s sure his initial case is tied to hers, and pushes the feelings aside.

Faced with a terrorist for hire, a black market dealer, and a mole within the intelligence community, Lucas finds himself on the run.

Alone in a foreign country and wanted by the law, Lucas seeks out the one person he trusts—Elena—though he fears putting the beautiful widow in danger. With the help of shady contacts and Elena’s brother Dmitry, they uncover a heinous terrorist plot which, if successful, would certainly result in global war.

Can they save the world—and their lives—or will it all end on the wrong side of the…

Russian Law?

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9 thoughts on “#WeWrWa #Snippet ~ Russian Law

  1. Love the way she’s slowly recovering her strength and control here. I hope he’s worthy of her trusting him with her momentary weakness.

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