#WeWriWa #Snippet ~ Not Forgotten

Hi all, I’m Camille Taylor. I write romantic suspense and small-town romance novels. This is my first Weekend Writing Warriors post. My New Years plan had been to post from the first weekend of 2018, however, my shocking memory had me forget until it was too late. Not this time, lol. Here is an excerpt from my first romantic suspense novel, Not Forgotten (Book 1, Harbour Bay Series) – ironic title considering my memory 🙂

Without sparing a moment to wallow in self-pity she climbed to her feet, feeling her ankle buckle beneath her before crashing once more to the ground. She bit her bottom lip to stop from crying out and alerting the man to her location and started crawling, her pants soaking up the damp ground. She barely made it a metre before she felt the ground beneath her give way to a sharp decline.

Hallie’s hand flayed about in mid-air for a moment right before her body slipped and she tumbled down into the river resting at the base of the decline. Her head went under the water and she struggled not to breathe. She kicked her feet and tried to swim as she resurfaced. Her waterlogged clothes tugged at her, determined to send her to a watery grave. The current proved to be too strong and pulled her light weight away from the edge and into the whirling centre before she was once more dragged under, down into the murky depths.


Detective Matt Murphy is assigned the case no one else wants.

The Butcher is a ghost, killing all over Australia for years, and now he’s made the coastal city of Harbour Bay his hunting ground. Up against a brick wall, Matt has no choice but to contact the only surviving witness-seventeen-year-old Hallie Walker. But Hallie has been in a psychological rehabilitation centre since the double murder five years ago, and Matt needs help.

Gifted psychologist Natalie Miller sees a lot of herself in Hallie and vows to help her heal.

Natalie is no stranger to a violent past, and is usually wary of men. She is stunned by her response to the hot detective, and becomes determined to not only see Hallie released-as she believes the girl has been misdiagnosed-but to help Matt solve this unsolvable case.

Matt and Natalie face danger at every turn, but can’t fight the powerful attraction between them.

Natalie thinks her only problem is a deranged ex-boyfriend, but is it possible she’s attracted the attention of The Butcher? When the serial killer strikes again, they know he’s close, and Matt is frantic to catch him…because now he has more than ever to lose.

Matt races against time to stop the bloody rampage, and Natalie might hold the key to breaking the case. But will they survive with their lives and hearts intact…

And can they save Hallie from the prison of her own mind?


Available with Kindleunlimited

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

Thanks for reading, hope to see you again next week. Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog hop, read more fabulous excerpts by clicking the below button!



9 thoughts on “#WeWriWa #Snippet ~ Not Forgotten

  1. Welcome to the snippet hop! Enjoyed the excerpt – tense for sure! I liked your heroine’s sensibleness under duress…can’t wait to see what happens next.

  2. Welcome, Camille!! Love the premise of your book, and the snippet pulled me right in. Hope you’ll make WeWriWa your new home!

  3. Great, nail-biting excerpt and it sounds like a great novel. Welcome to WeWriWa. I’m not taking part this week but hope to be back next week!

  4. Wow! That was an intense snippet! Good hook. I do want to know what happens next. 🙂

    Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! We’re glad to have you join in. 🙂

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