Authors Blog Challenge ~ About My Xmas

Authors Blog Challenge


This marks the last post in this series. The past few months have flown on by. I throughly enjoyed writing to the topics each week and sharing a bit of me with you. I’ll certainly miss them.


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are ready to ring in the new year. For me, my Christmas was spent on the coast with family and I had a great time. My small nephews loved the trampoline we put together (mostly in the dark since we had to do it after the kids went to sleep). Instructions aren’t what they used to be! My sister put down some Santa footprints and the delight in their eyes the next morning was worth the clean up. My siblings and I played Cards Against Humanity well into the night and let me say my family are horrible people but I love them anyway. Okay, only some of the time 🙂 I also had massive fun with the Facebook Messenger filters.


I’m excitedly looking forward to the new year. I can’t wait to continue my Harbour Bay Series and have been busy editing book 6.


The giveaway from last week is still open so comment to this post about what you love most about Christmas for your chance to win a digital copy of Doppelgänger.


Now that you’re here, why not hang around and check out the excerpts to my books. Just click on the book’s page and scroll down past the synopsis!


Hope to see you in the new year! Stay safe.


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