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Authors Blog Challenge



Right, advice. I’m not the best advice taker and even worse at giving it. I hope you find something useful below which has come from my own experiences.


First thing I have to say is never give up. Don’t do it. You will regret it. Yes, it’s hard and sometimes down right sucks. But persevere.


Hone your skills. Attend conferences, enter competitions. Get feedback. Yes, bad critique hurts but you and your book will be better for it. I did everything backwards. I self-published not understanding the market or knew what needed to be done to get my books in front of readers (honestly I still don’t). I hadn’t heard of blogs or net gallery then I was signed to a publisher in the US and it wasn’t until I started my edits that I saw the issues and raced to fix them. I’d almost been published a year before I attended by first conference and boy do I wish I’d have gone years before.


Meet fellow writers in your city. They’ll be the best friends you’ll ever have.


Remember why you write.


I’m borrowing this from the wonderfully talented Fiona McIntosh – write down your goals. Tomorrows. Next year’s. Your long term goals. Then go after them.


Always try and start on an action. Don’t be afraid of dialogue and if its not relevant to the story leave it. Be ruthless during your edits and have someone you trust read it who will give you their honest opinion (i.e. not your husband or family member). Some times we writers can be too close to our work and not see the errors. A second pair of eyes can also find those embarrassing typos!


Don’t be hurt when someone doesn’t like your book.


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