Authors Blog Challenge ~ How I Book Promote

Authors Blog Challenge


Okay, so this one I’m still trying to figure out. I admit, I struggle. While I haven’t found a sure winner, here are some of my favourite ways:


      • Facebook Ads
      • Blog Tours
      • Newsletter blasts (I have a really good experience with Many Books – thank you, Lisa)
      • Facebook hops (these and blog tours are more for exposure then sales but can lead to a few purchases).
      • While I have my own newsletter, I only use it for news, new releases, sales and giveaways. I’m not a big fan of inundating people’s inboxes. Plus, I don’t usually have much to say.


I’ve also been experimenting with Pinterest (if I can stop getting distracted) and Instagram. Still too early to tell if they do any good but again, exposure is key.

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Author's Blog Challenge

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