Authors Blog Challenge ~ About My Twenties

Authors Blog Challenge

ABOUT MY Twenties


This post comes at the perfect time as this month I leave my twenties behind and embark on a journey to my thirties.


My twenties have been fun and I’m sad to see them go though I’m not worried about the big 3-0. It’s just another adventure.


I’ve travelled, started a new career which I hope will take off and bought a townhouse which I’m slooooowly decorating – with the help of Pinterest, of course! While I’m not a big fan of adulting, I am trying with the help of friends. Budgeting will be the death of me.


I adopted my fluffy sidekick and though she often frustrates me and chases after cars, I don’t know what I’d do without her excited greeting at the end of the day. She’s great at making me laugh as she races up the stairs and occasionally misses one and ends up slipping onto her tummy.


Me with the sidekick
I’ve been blessed with two beautiful nieces and two adorable nephews (who obviously take after me!) who I spoil horribly. Who’s their favourite aunt? Why, that would be me.


Now, while I haven’t spent my twenties partying and sowing wild oats, I did read. A lot. So I think in the end I’m much better for it. I can at least claim I’ve lived a thousand lives.


I also spent my twenties behind a computer screen as I created my fictional worlds, happy to now share them with you all. They’ve been with me since the beginning of my writing journey which began in my teens.


Pics of Books
My pretty books
What’s next in stall for me? Check out my post In Five Years I’d Like…


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