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Authors Blog Challenge



Okay, so this one is tough. Of the hundreds of books I’ve read I’m to choose just one? Crazy! That’s at least 1800 characters and that’s not even including secondary characters that steal the show.


Nope, I can’t name just one! I really did try. I even checked my Goodreads read shelf to help jog my memory but I simply can’t narrow it down.


I’ve mentioned before I fell for my own creation, Dean Matthews (Doppelgänger). He’s definitely my favourite of all my heroes. Dmitry Ivanov (No Law) is a very close second.


Others include:


– Wolf Mackenzie (Mackenzie’s Mountain, Linda Howard)


– Kane Taggert (Matchmakers, Jude Deveraux)


– Alexander Montgomery & Jessica Taggert (The Raider, Jude Deveraux)


– Temperance O’Neil (Temptation, Jude Deveraux)


– Steve Fraser (Sunset Shadows, Bronwyn Parry)


– Mara Garrett (Body of Evidence, Rachel Grant)


– Max Cameron (Twisted Mercy, Elaine Levine)


– Drew Noble (Outback Blaze, Rachael Johns)


These are the ones off the top of my head. A nice mix of old and new. Now, after writing this post I have the urge to re-read them despite knowing my TBR list could use some attention. I swear they duplicate while I’m not looking.


Do you have a favourite?


Courtesy of Pinterest/
Courtesy of Pinterest/


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