Authors Blog Challenge ~ 6 Useful Writing Tools/Sites

Authors Blog Challenge

6 Useful Writing Tools/Sites

I’m not fancy when it comes to writing. I began with nothing but a paper and pen. I still remember transcribing my first works from paper onto our anvil of a laptop that was almost as big as my first TV, though to be fair even then it was outdated.


While I’ve heard good things about Scrivener and such apps, I find good ole Word works for me best. Maybe one day I’ll test it out and be converted but right now I’d be too busy trying to learn all it’s features then actually writing.


Every writer has their process and favourite tools and go to sites. Here are mine (in no particular order):

1/ Writers Helping Writers (Angela Ackman) – I love her visceral lists. Great when I’ve used the same action too many times or have a mind blank about how someone would convey an emotion.

2/ Bryn Donovan – her master lists are great for quick reference.

3/ Google – kind of obvious but I’d be lost without it.

4/ Pinterest – perfect for collecting inspiration.

5/ Notes – the app on my phone is great. I can even dictate to it. Long gone are the days of quickly scribbling something down in the heat of the moment then trying to decipher it later. Plus, it syncs to my MacBook and iPad.

6/ – I’ve only just begun using them. Great for impartial advice.


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