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I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Dean Matthews (Doppelgänger) so I’ll be doing my profile on him. Dean is an ex-solider, and the first one on the ground in hostile situations and spent time overseas. His last mission went terribly wrong and scarred him emotionally. Years later, he remains closed off to others and haunted by memories of that mission and the friends he lost.  He’s the serious type, having seen too much horror.

Dean Profile

Dean stepped into the hallway, Nick following closely behind him. Megan Bailey wasn’t at all what he’d expected. She’d blown him away and he wasn’t comfortable with the power she seemed to have over his body, still feeling the lingering effects in his trousers. He pressed the call button on the lift and waited for the carriage to arrive. Nick rocked back on his heels, a wide grin on his face.

“Can it,” he warned, his voice low and dangerous.

The man always ignored his warnings. “I haven’t said anything yet. I seriously never thought I’d see the day Dean Matthews fell hard for a woman. Hell, you were comforting in there. At least as much as your awkward arse can. Guess we know who’s next.”

Dean scowled at him. It was a running joke within their team. Years ago when Matt had married Natalie, he’d turned to them and said they were next. Like a curse, one by one, they dropped until it was just him, Nick, and Donovan left.

“I guess you’re human after all.” Nick was unrepentant as he followed Dean into the elevator.


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