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Authors Blog Challenge


Firstly, I admire anyone who can finish a manuscript, go through the sometimes harsh process of being published and continue to do so. It’s not an easy job and most do so while holding down a full time job with a family also demanding their time. Congrats to anyone who fills the above criteria because you rock!

I also admire an author who can create a world I get immersed in and make me care about the characters to the point I actually stop breathing if something horrible happens to them. If I curse you and think about the book years later you’ve done a fantastic job.

Some of those authors are:

Lisa Gardner (her stories are so mind-blowingly brilliant. If you haven’t read your missing out.)

House of the Lost Girls Carissa Ann Lynch
Carissa Ann Lynch (House of the Lost Girls scared the crap out of me! First person really helped give me the creeps.)

Jude Deveraux (I think I’ve already mentioned The Mulberry Tree as a favourite of mine.)

Mackenzie's Mountain Linda Howard
Linda Howard (Mackenzie’s Mountain. I can still remember the opening even to this day. It’s just stuck with me.)

Liliana Hart (other than being an awesome writer, she is a successful indie author and I admire anyone who has managed that.)

These are just a few authors. There are so many I think my fingers may fall off just listing them.

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