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Best Holiday I’ve Had


I’m off to the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference in Adelaide today and hopefully meeting some new friends as you read this. This is my first gathering with fellow author’s so I’m pretty jazzed to be spending a couple of days getting to know them and learning all I can.


Onto the best holiday I’ve had. I wish I could say this one, but it’s more of a working holiday and I’m not sure how much time I’ll get seeing the sights. I’ve never been to Adelaide, though my material grandmother’s family have lived there (and surrounding areas) since the 1850’s.


My best holiday would have to be my trip to the UK when I turned eighteen. Living in the Southern Hemisphere there aren’t many places close by so the idea I could jump on a plane and in a couple of hours be in Paris or Rome was amazing.


While living in London I travelled across the UK and Western Europe. It was fantastic. I’d definitely recommend it. I had such a great time and it spurred on my desire to travel more.


 I’ve also travelled to Dubai (on my return home) and New Zealand (2013). Still on my list is a cruise and the US. I’d also like to go back to the UK and spend more time in Scotland and Ireland and (creepy person I am, visit cemeteries). I didn’t start my family history research until I was back in Australia and while the internet is great discovering information it’s not quite the same as being places in person.


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