Teaser Tuesday ~ The Dead Don’t Lie by Camille Taylor

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Hello and welcome to Teaser Tuesday where every week I’ll be posting a teaser from a range of books and genres. This post is all about fun, so sit back with a coffee and enjoy a short tease from talented authors.

This week we have The Dead Don’t Lie by Camille Taylor

“Sex. Fantasy. Love. Murder. Club X.”



Club X—where fantasy and reality collide…

For notorious sex club owner Aimee Burnes, it’s all about business. That is until her estranged sister, Louisa, is found dead in the small, coastal town of Harbour Bay. Having always been the favourite of their hyper-religious mother, there’s no logical explanation for Louisa’s untimely death—unless she wasn’t the angel she was believed to be.

Aimee will do anything to protect her club, including corrupting a detective with old-fashioned ideals…

James Hawke is Harbour Bay’s newest detective. He’s a country boy through and through, and he’s not prepared for Aimee’s assault on his senses. When he’s sent undercover into Club X to collect intelligence on Aimee and her clients, James wants to believe she’s genuine. The only thing he knows for sure is he wants her in ways he never wanted anyone before. Deep undercover, he must sacrifice his morals to get close.

Aimee is a master of manipulation…

Aimee will do what she must, even if it means taking her seduction of James too far. With both of them craving more than an intense encounter leaving them sweaty and satisfied, outside dangers challenge their newfound bond. But when the medical examiner finds incriminating evidence pointing to Aimee as her sister’s killer, James is forced to choose…

Will he honour the oath of his badge, or believe in Aimee’s innocence, regardless of the evidence stacking against her? With her lies unmasked and her innocence questioned, proof lies in the DNA evidence.

 The dead don’t lie…


“Do you have more questions for me or my employees?”

He shook his head. “Not at this time.” He shifted his feet anxiously. Would she believe him? Or would she call him a liar and throw him out of her club? He had one chance to convince her and hoped he didn’t blow it. “I was actually hoping to enjoy your services. I mean, not yours personally,” he said, and she frowned. He rushed on. “Not that I wouldn’t, I just didn’t think you were—” He stopped digging the hole and wished like hell for the floor to open up and devour him.

“For sale?” she asked, an amused smile on her face. “No. While everything under this roof comes with a price, I do not.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” he mumbled and his cheeks heated. He dropped his gaze to the polished hard wood floors.

The air around him shifted as Aimee moved, her floral scent wafting up to fill his nostrils as she stood before him. His height had him at a disadvantage as she stepped closer and peered up at him.

“I’m not, Detective. I think you’re really sweet and kind and it makes me wonder what you’re doing here. The other night you were adamant that you couldn’t find fulfilment in a place like this.”

Her breath tickled his face. She was so close that he could feel her body heat and it would only take a slight shifting of his head for his lips to be firmly planted on her own. “And I still believe that. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself. Isn’t that what you said?”

“I did.”

“Well, you convinced me not to be so close-minded. I’ll just ease into things. I’m not really that comfortable but like everything in life, I’m willing to try it once.”

As if reading his thoughts, her gaze dropped to his lips and he swore he heard her breath shudder. Her chest rose and fell heavily beneath the silk blouse. Mesmerised, he watched as her tongue darted out to wet her lips. Her eyes softened and they transformed her entire face to something even more breathtaking. James felt a tightness in his chest and he curled his hands into fists in an effort not to reach out and mould that gorgeous body to his until he wiped all other men from her memory.

“Detective,” she began, her tone sensual. If she was an inch or two closer, she’d realise just how she affected him. He was painfully hard, his body demanding release, and the longer they stood close together the harder it was to control himself.

“James,” he said. “My name is James.”


He stilled, biting off a groan. He hadn’t expected to be so turned on hearing his name come from her lips. Now he couldn’t help but imagine how it would sound on a moan or a shout.

Shit, he was in way over his head, utterly fucked and not in a good way.

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About the author:

Camille Taylor is an Australian sexy romantic suspense author for Limitless Publishing and lives in the Nation’s Capital with her fluffy sidekick. She spends her time reading, writing, blogging and procrastinating on Pinterest looking at nail art, books, home improvement tips and cake decorating. A bookworm, she enjoys most genres, particularly romance and mysteries and is HEA chaser so you’ll always find one in her books. She started writing at sixteen and is currently working on her Harbour Bay and Heavenly Series, both set in Australia. Camille is also an incurable genealogist and has traced her heritage to England, Scotland, Ireland and Russia. She loves scrapbooking, hockey, tae kwon do and travelling.



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