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Five years. Seems so far away and yet will be here before I know it. Five years…2021. I’ll be in my mid thirties.
I’m rather simple when it comes to what I want from life. I’m not overly ambitious though I’d love to have more of my Harbour Bay and Heavenly Series published. I do hope to one day see one (if not more) of my stories sitting on a shelf in a bookstore. I’d also like to find more wonderful readers who love the worlds and characters I create, just as much as I do. It’s why I write.
I’d like to be married with at least one child. Considering I’m currently single with no social life I better get started on that one!
I hope to be in good health. Of course, this is just what I want for me.  Now that I’m done being selfish I’d also love for the world to get along and stop fighting one another, to be kind and accepting of others. The world is small after all and we all have to live in it.
Image from Pinterest/Flavorwire
Image from Pinterest/Flavorwire
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