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Authors Blog Challenge

My Publishing Journey

Being a writer is not for the faint of heart. Rejections, bad reviews, bad sales. There is so much more to being a writer than just writing.


Many of you might not know I started writing my first novel back in 2009. Prior to this I had written many screenplays in hopes of seeing my work on the big screen. After pitching to agents and getting nowhere I decided to try my hand at writing a full length novel instead, expanding my existing scripts into books which at the time were standalones. (Trivia: If you’ve read Not Forgotten this is why the story begins in 2010.)


My writing book where I keep pertinent information on my characters.
My writing book where I keep pertinent information on my characters.

I then sent out the book for a manuscript assessment and was told while I was waiting to get started on book 2 (Open Wounds). Well, you didn’t need to tell me twice. After receiving feedback on NF which I updated the manuscript I decided to reach out to the world looking for an agent (which is generally how you do things, especially if you’re looking to be published by one of the Big 6 of publishers).


I continued to write during my many rejections, having no real idea of the writing community and as a shy person I couldn’t have reached out even if I knew. Only today am I beginning to understand the necessities of sending out my WIP to beta readers and learning more about writer to better my books.


I self published in 2010 when self publishing was in its early stages with a short story One Life to Live which is currently undergoing a rewrite. In the coming years I also self-pubbed my Law Series.


In early 2015, with my entire series plotted out and in early draft phase I decided not to continue searching for a publisher. I wanted my books to be read and enjoyed, not sitting on a hard drive. My stories didn’t fit with the criteria the publishers were searching for and unable to change the storyline to give them that I self-published my Harbour Bay series books 1-4 and the first on my Heavenly Series not knowing the market had changed significantly since my first forage into self-publishing those years ago.


For one, you need to be a lot more social than I anticipated. Deciding to come out of my shell a little and meet some like-minded people I joined Romance Writers of Australia and was able to secure a contract with Limitless Publishing for my previously self-pubbed books.


My book babies
My journey is probably close to many others who are still finding their place. Writing is often a thankless and time consuming job, but if you enjoy it never stop. All it takes is for that one reader to say how much they loved your book to make it all worthwhile.


If you love romantic suspense, why not give my books a try. They’re free with Kindle Unlimited.
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