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Things I Collect


Howdy! Another Friday has rolled around and I’m happy to see the end of another week. To me, Friday has become blog day where I share just a small part of my crazy brain to whomever happens to find themselves here and is game enough to read on. Keep scrolling if you dare 🙂


This weeks topic is Things I Collect. This could go on a while. I, unfortunately inherited my mother’s penchant for collecting anything and everything. As a child, our house was filled with postage stamp books, collectible spoons from around the country and coins from all over the world.


Years later, I started collecting Disney and Dr Suess books from scholastic at home. Every month I’d get two books in the mail. I’ve even searched through eBay looking for more. (Yes, they’re in colour order and I’ve just noticed one side is farther back on the shelf than the other – I may be a little OCD when it comes to my books).


When I moved overseas, I tried to limit my souvenirs as anything I bought would need to be transported back to Australia but that didn’t stop me. I picked up a couple of spoons and thought of our old wall with the rows of spoons and decided to go for something different so I changed from spoons and went onto key rings, postcards and decks of cards. Much better right? Either way, now I have little room for anything else.




I used to collect paperbacks but space became an issue so I gallantly donated them but I still have plenty of books in the cloud.


DVD’s are another of my addictions and before I moved were even displayed alphabetically, now they’re wherever they fit. One day I’ll do up the under the stairs with shelving so they can once more be neat.


I also collect ancestors. I’ve been researching my family tree for almost ten years now though I’ve slowed down a bit reaching the late 1700’s where information in the UK is scarce though I still spend an hour or so every now and again seeing if anything new has popped up that can help me. I don’t have awesome stories to share of finding long lost siblings but I did connect with my dad’s cousin who was able to give me pictures of the grandparents and great grandparents I never met which was awesome.


And lastly, I collect pins on Pinterest. Things that are cool, funny, hairstyles I love or nail art I’d like to try and home improvements I want to add to my own place. It’s the perfect place to hoard  without the hassle of dusting.


Well that’s me for this week. Hope you join me next Friday for Music I Love/Book Playlists.


Did you miss last weeks post? I did. Completely forgot. I’ve often been accused of being a Dory. Good news though, you can view all my Blog Challenge posts here.


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