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Authors Blog Challenge


Welcome back! This week’s topic is Motivation Techniques.


Honestly, I’m the worst person to motivate.  Whether it be getting out of a warm bed in winter, going shopping or even out to dinner. I may consider bribery but it has to be really good.


Image courtesy of Pinterest/HarleenaSingh
Image courtesy of Pinterest/Harleena Singh

Most times I procrastinate and then have to complete my task in a mad rush. What I find helps is popping on some Celtic/New Age music (Enya, the Braveheart soundtrack – even Riverdance) songs that have no words so I can’t sing along and get distracted. Then I force myself to sit down and do what I need to whether that’s editing one chapter or writing a particularly troublesome scene. After I push myself that first little bit, my resistance melts and the next time I emerge from my book hours have gone by.


The silly thing is I know once I sit down and get on with it, I’ll go into the ‘zone’ and that’ll be it but it still doesn’t stop me from turning on the TV or picking up my Kindle. I’m an impatient person so any task that looks like it’ll take too long doesn’t interest me but the moment I get involved I enjoy the process. Just another little fun fact about me. I’m crazy I know.


Image courtesy of Pinterest/Quirk Books
Image courtesy of Pinterest/Quirk Books


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