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Another week gone. Where did it go? This one kind of got away from me but as the weekend is in sight I’m not complaining. Time to crack open some wine and read through this week’s Authors Blog Challenge posts and find out how others kick start their weird and wonderful brain again!


Image from Pinterest/CafePress
Image from Pinterest/CafePress

In every writer’s career, they will experience at least once the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. How does a writer combat this? There’s no ‘one size fits all’. For me, after tugging at my hair and huffing out a few agitated breaths I usually take the dog for a walk and think of my storyline and play it out in my head like a movie. Sometimes I don’t even think about the book and words seem to flow which I jot down quickly in the notes section on my phone. I think the combination of fresh air and new scenery really helps.

Another good way is hopping into shower, the stream not only cleansing the pores and sinuses but can help unravel a bump in the plot or simply two stubborn characters who remain at a standstill.


For me, I’ve not only suffered writer’s block mid way through a story but even just thinking of a plot to begin with. Recently I joined a group of writers in a romance anthology. After a few stopping and starting I came up with an idea, wrote the story then decided against it. Then came another idea just as I laid my head down to sleep and the next minute I was writing down all the key points I could think of before they’re lost into the great unknown where everything I say I will remember is lost. This idea was also scraped (though not forgotten. I still hope to use it another time I just didn’t feel it was suitable). What next? After agonising over what I would write I turned to Pinterest and search for writing prompts. These are good to get the creative juices flowing. After reading some promising ideas which I can’t remember now (this is why I right stuff down) I came up with my idea and 5000 words later I was done.


Most times it’s good to get away from the WIP. I find watching TV or even reading a book helps occupy my mind instead of obsessing and then all of a sudden BAM! I’m hit with inspiration and I’m back in business.


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