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Happy Friday everyone! Was it just me or was this week a long one? Time to break out the wine and out up the feet. This weeks post is all about My Book ‘Movie’ Dream Cast. If my Harbour Bay series was ever turned into a Hollywood blockbuster here’s my star-studded cast of whom I’d like to see in my character’s roles:


 Note: Images are from Pinterest, click on them to be taken to original pin.
Matt Murphy
Natalie Miller
Darryl Hill
Kellie Munroe


Matt – Responsible Matt Murphy helped raise his younger sister after their father died. He’s often serious, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Colin Donnell is gorgeous. The perfect fit visually for Matt.


Natalie – I love Emily Blunt as psychologist, Natalie Miller who is a mixture of serious, fun, professional and loyal.



Darryl – When searching for images back when I was editing Open Wounds, I stumbled across the above pic of Colin Farrell and bam I was sold. He definitely fit my image of Darryl who also has two brothers, Jack and Chase who would be perfectly played by Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.  I’d sign up to be in that family!


Kellie – For wounded and strong Kellie Munroe, I’d chose Julie Benz.
James Hawke
Aimee Burnes
Dean Matthews
Megan Bailey



James – Ruggedly handsome Leonardo Di Caprio is the perfect fit for new detective, James Hawke. His role as Jack Dawson in Titanic is how I see James – so out of depth when he meets the tantalising Aimee Burnes.


Aimee – Seductive, beautiful and emotionally damaged is Aimee Burnes and the above gorgeous picture of Adrianne Palicki suits.



Dean – I’ve never seen Josh Holloway in anything other than Lost and his portrayal of Sawyer is definitely not my Dean but when searching for images, I came across this one and thought it perfect for what’s in my head.


Megan – bestselling author Megan Bailey rules the pages of a book but in real life she’s a little awkward, especially when it comes to men. Pretty and casual, I see Emilia Clarke easily bringing Megan to life.


Supporting Characters:
Nick Doyle
Amelia Donovan
Hallie Walker
Hallie Walker
Riley O'Neill
Riley O’Neill


Nick – Matt Bomer is perfect for Nick Doyle, not just in looks but I feel as though, Matt’s character Neal Caffery from White Collar is sort of the temperament of Nick, often a joker and the heart of the team.


Amelia – Salma Hayek is exactly as I envisaged tough, sarcastic and sometimes soft Amelia.


Hallie – Young and vulnerable Hallie Walker is torn from a loving family into a living nightmare. A fighter, she refuses to give up. Lily Collins would rock as Hallie!


Riley – Sassy and quick witted Riley O’Neill can hold her own against any man. Petite, yet packs a punch, Riley has a unique sense of humour. I see Brittany Snow conveying both her playful and serious side.


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