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Authors Blog Challenge


Happy Friday! I’m sure like me, most of you are happy to see the end of the week. It’s a long weekend here in Australia and I’m looking forward to some writing, reading and a bit of editing. (We’ve already established my not so glamorous life in last week’s post!).


Now onto this week’s topic: My Top 5 Books and Why.


Okay, I have to admit I had some trouble with this one. I have a lot of books I love (evidenced by my Goodreads account). So it’s difficult to choose just five. Five out of over 800!


Instead I’ll do honourable mentions broken into categories.


Note: Book covers courtesy of Goodreads and their respective publishers




Tumble Creek Louise ForsterI am ashamed to stay a couple years ago, the only Aussie writer I could name was Tara Moss and Rachael Johns. A friend of mine then supplied with me books from the likes of Tricia Stringer and Bronwyn Parry. It wasn’t really until I joined Romance Writer’s of Australia that I realised how many there were of us. I’m slowly catching up, which leads me to the first book today. Sometime last year, I stumbled across Louise Forster’s Home Truths and was captivated by the sizzling chemistry and humour so naturally I purchased her other books including her most recent, Tumble Creek. You can read my review on Goodreads here. Again the same chemistry, humour and sexual tension in a wonderful rural Australian town. I’m hooked.


Romantic Suspense: 


Elaine Levine Red Team SeriesOne of my fav genres (and also the one I write). I absolutely love Elaine Levine’s Red Team Series. I don’t really have a favourite (they’re all SO good) though I haven’t read her most recent release yet but it’s on my Kindle ready to be devoured. Great romance, sexual chemistry/tension and action. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.




Crash and Burn Lisa GardnerThere are so many here that I love: Tami Hoag, Lisa Jackson, and Carissa Ann Lynch to name a few but Lisa Gardner really is the queen of the mind bend. One of my favourites of her is last year’s Crash and Burn. With all of Gardner’s books I’m always wondering until the last minute if the characters are the heroes or the villains. It could go both ways. C&B was another brilliant mastermind that left me guessing and stunned at the end. I haven’t read Find Her yet but it’s on my TBR list!


Contemporary Romance:


The Mulberry Tree Jude DeverauxYears ago in my earlier twenties, my eldest sister introduced me to Jude Deveraux and her The Mulberry Tree has always stuck with me and was one of the books that immediately popped into my head when I sat down to write this post. It has romance, twists, chemistry. Another favourite of hers is Secrets, though the first book I ever read was Temptation. I also really enjoyed her short story, Matchmakers in The Invitation Anthology. Pure gold.


Romantic Comedy:


Divorced, Desperate and Dating Christie CraigLong before website cookies and Amazon’s recommended for you really took off I used website Fantastic Fiction religiously. There’s a section down the bottom which tells you of other authors similar and since I’ve read lots of Janet Evanovich, Gemma Halliday and Charlotte Hughes, FF introduced me to Christie Craig. Another fabulous author who does humour, chemistry and hunky heroes – the best book boyfriends. Divorced, Desperate and Dating would probably be my favourite out of the six books in the Divorced and Desperate series but I also really enjoyed her single titles and the Texas series.


Phew, all done. I didn’t think I would be able to make that list and there’s so many more I’d like to rave about but if I did we’d be here all day. Don’t even get me started on my favourite movies or tv shows!


Hope you all have a nice weekend and join me again next week for My Book ‘Movie’ Dream Cast. Should be fun.


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