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Authors Blog Challenge


This week on the Authors Blog Challenge, is A Day In My Life.


I wish I could say my life is glamorous. It’s not.

I wish I could even say it’s interesting. It’s definitely not.

During the week my first alarm goes off at 6.30. (Yep, that’s right my first alarm). I then get 15 more minutes to enjoy before the second at 6.45am at which point I roll (and that’s literally roll) out of bed. After getting ready, I trudge downstairs for much needed coffee and Nutella toast.

If you haven’t got it by now, I’m not a morning person. Or a mid morning person really.

After I’m semi-presentable, I join the millions of others heading off to work. I catch a bus so I’m usually reading or writing on my iPhone. My day job is in admin so when it’s quiet, occasionally I’ll sneak in some writing, reading and even editing on the sly. Shhh!

At home, I walk my sidekick, feed both of us and then sit down for a couple of hours writing, reading, organise promotion of my books or catch up on my shows: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Rizzoli and Isles, Pretty Little Liars and The Big Bang Theory to name a few or if its that time, editing.

Weekends are slightly more different (but not by much). I roll out of bed around 8am and do the mundane chores no one can escape: clean, do grocery shopping, laundry, ironing etc before I settle in for some more writing, reading or procrastination by way of social media and Pinterest. Unless I’m babysitting my cute nephew in which case it’s pretending to save Leonardo from being trapped beneath lego blocks. BTW, the TMNT always win against the bad guys 🙂 I still end up reading though, usually it’s The Incredibles or for a long while Toy Story. The most interesting was him choosing Harry Potter. Yeah, not going to finish that in a night.

Courtesy of Pinterest
Courtesy of Pinterest

And that’s my life.

At the moment my writing and promoting keeps me busy. I don’t even want to think how many more hours I spend with my fictional friends than my ‘real’ ones. Hopefully they understand. I know I’m probably not alone in this and that my author buddies feel the same struggle in trying to keep the balance.


Well, that’s me for this week. It’s raining here, so I’m going to make the most of it and snuggle up on the couch and read.

Next week’s topic is My Top 5 Books and Why. That one is going to be tough!


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