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Happy Friday everyone! If you’re new to my page, hello and welcome. Let me introduce myself, I’m Camille Taylor, Australian author of romantic suspense and a softie for a HEA. This week, on the Authors Blog Challenge is Character Inspiration.


So, I’m more of a panster. For those not familiar with with the term means basically I write by the seat of my pants. No plotting involved. I do have a general idea of storyline and outcome but that’s it. Character personalities are almost the last thing I think of.


When I sit down to write I usually have no idea who the main character is. By this I mean I haven’t nutted out his/hers life plan, characteristics or personality. For me, that’s the surprise inside the box. I, like the reader get to learn this person as the story progresses. I write them around the story not the other way around and try to fit the personality to whatever will create the best conflict within the story. That being said, sometimes I don’t have a choice and the character is simply larger than life and won’t be quietened.


Image courtesy of Writers Write Creative Blog
Image courtesy of Writers Write Creative Blog

One thing I love about writing is that I can live vicariously through my characters. While I try to make them as different as I can, at their core they share the same values and code of honour. In the end I want a HEA and I write characters I would be friends with or like to date. (I simply love an alpha male who is considerate, strong and allows his woman independence while also protective.)


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