Authors Blog Challenge ~ 6 Marketing Tips

Authors Blog Challenge


Hello and welcome back. If you’re new hi *waves* I’m Camille Taylor (writer of romantic suspense, reader and HEA chaser) and this is week three of the Author Blog Challenge.


Let’s talk marketing tips.


Gosh if you have the secret I could really use it!


My greatest hurdle at the moment is marketing. I thought synopsises and editing were the bane of my existence but they were merely a warm up.


What I have learned is writing a book and publishing is a small compared to promoting your book.


So while I don’t have tips, per se, here are the top suggestions I’ve found and currently trying to follow:


Picture by James Wilkinson/ Inspiring words by Karen Lamb
Picture by James Wilkinson/
Inspiring words by Karen Lamb

1. Don’t wait to be published to create a media profile which includes building your mailing list and what I’ve found is the dreaded author platform.


2. Share your writing journey to help build a following (as an introvert this is something I couldn’t do and even to this day very few people I’m close with know I’m moonlighting as an author.)


3. Promote. Promote. Promote. Book a blog tour or arrange your own if you’ve build the contacts. I suggest looking at virtual touring for at least a week. With so many books on the market, out of sight is out of mind. There are also many blogs that will promote for free.


4. Join writers group, go to conferences (I’ll be attending my first one this year, so as you can see I do everything backwards) and generally socialise with other authors. They will be your best friends during this journey and often introduce you to their fans via Facebook parties and sharing/retweeting your posts. I personally love my groups. I’ve learned so much from them and found them to be really supportive.


5. Create a street team to help share/ promote your book. Exposure is key. As are reviews. They help get books noticed. Something you shouldn’t neglect.


6. And finally, don’t let it get you down. You started writing for a reason. Never lose sight of that. Adjust your expectations and remember to write because you love it. It should never be a chore. Do what you’re comfortable with, everyone starts somewhere.


That’s my two cents. If you’ve found something that worked you I’d love to hear it.


Tune in next Friday for ‘Charcater inspiration’


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