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My Writing Room

Hi and welcome to the first book in the Authors Blog Challenge. I’m Camille Taylor and I write romantic suspense novels with a HEA, writing from chilly Canberra, Australia. For those that don’t know, and I was asked this question a lot when I lived overseas, Canberra is the Nation’s capital, a small territory smack damn in the middle of New South Wales and three hours south of Sydney.


Now that I’ve introduced myself and given an impromptu geography lesson, let’s get onto my writing room. Well for starters it’s not so much a room as a nook and is in serious need of a make over. I moved back in December and this is the first time I’ve had a study, although I do confess, sometimes I take my laptop back to my couch  and write there. Some habits are hard to break!


My Writing Room
Other than the necessities, I have print copies of my books to motivate me, reminding me during days when everything is going wrong in my MS or my characters are just not going in the direction I want and everything seems lost, that I can do this, the proof is right there.


I also keep all my important stuff close by: daily planner, calendar, notepads (always handy as is a pen that works!) and a candle. I wish I could say the scent helps me write or gives me inspiration but the truth is I just like the sweet smell.


The below image is is where I’m headed. I’ve got the floating shelf, I’ve just got to find the time to put it up. Then all my book babies can be lined up.


Thank you for joining me and I hope you come back next Friday for My Bookshelf/latest reads.

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