New Release ~ Open Wounds by Camille Taylor

I’m thrilled to announce book 2 in my Harbour Bay Series, Open Wounds is now live on Amazon.

Open Wounds by Camille Taylor

“Bad blood from the past can taint the present and destroy the future.”

Internal Affairs officer Kellie Munroe is investigating one of her own…

Kellie and Detective Amelia Donovan were childhood friends, until a horrifying event destroyed their friendship. Now Amelia is slated for promotion to Superintendent, but her career is in jeopardy following a physical altercation with a suspect, and her history with Kellie complicates the already sensitive investigation.

Amelia’s partner Darryl Hill must work with Kellie, despite serious reservations…

Darryl is loyal, ethical, and dedicated to his work, but he can’t contain his curiosity about Kellie, who always seems to push his partner’s buttons. When their investigation leads to criminal kingpin Dick Coleani and a string of murdered men, an attempt on their lives sends Kellie into a panic, reigniting memories of her childhood trauma.

As Darryl helps Kellie through her fear, he can no longer deny his attraction to her…but he wants more than the broken, traumatised woman feels capable of giving.

Terrifying personal threats force Kellie to pursue answers in secret…

When Kellie begins to suspect this case and Coleani might somehow be connected to her own personal nightmare, she will need help from both Darryl and Amelia as she plunges down a perilous path.

But will Darryl be able to rein in her quest for justice before the past repeats itself and Kellie is left with another—possibly fatal—open wound?

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Darryl leaned forward and kissed her softly, allowing her to feel the sweetness and emotion in the action, silently telling her that he planned to keep his promise to her. He took her hand and pulled her toward the sofa and sat down before tugging her onto his lap.

She put an arm over his shoulder and placed a hand on his chest as she leaned into him. He stroked her cheek, feeling her softness. He nuzzled her neck and she shivered. He loved how responsive she was to his touch. He placed his bandaged hand on her knee as Kellie tilted her head to give him better access. He took advantage of what she offered and she let out a moan.

He tightened his arm around her back as he slid his hand up her thigh. Her breath stuttered and she melted into him. He’d only meant to distract her from her morose thoughts but he was quickly losing sight of his good intentions. Kellie always had that effect on him. He breathed in her scent. She smelled delicious. He rested his head against hers.

“You drive me crazy, you know that?”

She let out a soft chuckle. Her breath tickled against his jaw and he shuddered. “Right back at you. What am I going to do about you? You’re extremely distracting.”

He grinned and snuggled against her, loving the feeling of her pressed against him. It reminded him of the other morning. He could get used to lazy moments like these when time seemed to slow down and they were the only two people in the world. When he imagined the future he saw them together curled up as they were now. Maybe a fire burning before them in the winter.

His heart swelled. “I like that it isn’t just me.

He felt her smile, her lips moving against his neck. What was going through her mind? Did she regret her desire for him? Would she walk away when the case was over? What would he do if he couldn’t convince her to give him a chance?


Open Wounds