Open Wounds Blog Tour – Day One

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Hi All,

I’m on my first ever blog tour for the second novel in my Harbour Bay Series, Open Wounds.

A big thank you to the participating blogs and to Enticing Journey Book Promotions for organising.

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Open Wounds by Camille Taylor

There’s also a paperback copy of the book to be won. Enter via:

Title: Open Wounds

Series: Harbour Bay Book 2
Author: Camille Taylor
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

“Bad blood from the past can taint the present and destroy the future.”

Internal Affairs officer Kellie Munroe is investigating one of her own…

Kellie and Detective Amelia Donovan were childhood friends, until a horrifying event destroyed their friendship. Now Amelia is slated for promotion to Superintendent, but her career is in jeopardy following a physical altercation with a suspect, and her history with Kellie complicates the already sensitive investigation.

Amelia’s partner Darryl Hill must work with Kellie, despite serious reservations…

Darryl is loyal, ethical, and dedicated to his work, but he can’t contain his curiosity about Kellie, who always seems to push his partner’s buttons. When their investigation leads to criminal kingpin Dick Coleani and a string of murdered men, an attempt on their lives sends Kellie into a panic, reigniting memories of her childhood trauma.

As Darryl helps Kellie through her fear, he can no longer deny his attraction to her…but he wants more than the broken, traumatised woman feels capable of giving.

Terrifying personal threats force Kellie to pursue answers in secret…

When Kellie begins to suspect this case and Coleani might somehow be connected to her own personal nightmare, she will need help from both Darryl and Amelia as she plunges down a perilous path.

But will Darryl be able to rein in her quest for justice before the past repeats itself and Kellie is left with another—possibly fatal—open wound?

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Open Wounds

About Harbour Bay:

Harbour Bay is a fictional town set on the Australian New South Wales coast. A growing metropolis of around 300 thousand people. The series focuses on the hot detectives of the LAC, their family and friends and the women who stole their hearts. Each book, while a part of the series, is standalone and can be read in any order.